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Someone get Satan a scarf Ben Levy 12, November

The shirts are selling. People (many of them you guys) are buying them. With money. Thank you.

The only thing more surprising than the fact the shirts are selling, is the fact that I made any shirts at all. It was something I’ve wanted to do for a while now. It was one of my “projects”. The kind that I “am really going to finish this time”. Let me share with you, briefly, a few of the “projects” I’ve started and have not finished:

  • Two comic books
  • One partially written short story
  • Three short stories that I’ve thought of but have not written
  • A plan for an entire anthology of short stories that are thematically connected
  • A fucking novel
  • A story told through twitter
  • A story told through a blog
  • Another blog

And now, by comparison, the projects I have indeed seen through to completion:

  • A blog
  • Design T-shirts

So, yeah. Would not have bet on those odds. I’m already working on the next round of shirt designs. In the meantime, somebody get Satan a space-heater. That bastard’s gotta be freezing.

Seriously guys, thanks.

This IS the big announcement Ben Levy 25, October

I went to summer camp for a couple years. One of those years Barney the Purple Dinosaur was a big hit with the kiddies (by which I mean, children far younger and less cool than the self-assured, totally wicked, 12-yr old crew of Bunk 9). And on the first day of camp, one kid shows up wearing a shirt that has what looks like Barney roadkill and the headline “All Purple Dinosaurs Must Die”.

We all thought it was awesome. When I asked him about the shirt later, he said “Yeah, I always wear it on the first day new places. I could get hit by a car tomorrow, but you’d all remember me as that guy who had the purple dinosaur shirt”. 12-yr old me thought that was kinda fucked up. And awesome. With that in mind:

Welcome to the BrokenJPG store. T-shirts people will remember you for. Even if you get run over tomorrow.

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