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The stench of failure Ben Levy 12, April

The Wife and I have a simple agreement: she does the cooking, I do the dishes. Since we have a dishwasher, I feel I got the better end of the deal, but don’t tell her that.

Most of the time this works out perfectly well. I come home, dinner’s ready, we eat it, I procrastinate, then do dishes around midnight. But I’ve been really busy at work lately, and even busier at home, and I’ve been putting off the cleaning. Just a quick rinse, some stacking, and leave water in the pots to soak.

So today, out of sheer necessity, I skipped my morning workout and did the dishes. Which apparently haven’t been cleaned since Sunday, based on the amount and nature of the organic compost collected in the sink trap.

I thought my alarm was offensive. G-d help us if I ever have to wake up to the odor of 5 day old ricotta cheese trapped in my drain again.

Editor’s Note: This post was actually written April 2nd, but it’s taken me this long to post it. I have, however, cleaned the kitchen extensively at least three times since then.

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