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2 Year Old Wisdom: Sarcasm Ben Levy 27, July

My daughter lives in my house, where she hears The Wife and I speak. So it’s no surprise that she’s already dabbling with sarcasm.

But here’s the thing. Sarcasm to a two year old is just lying obviously. So my daughter’s approach goes something like this- and please keep in mind she knows her letters:

The Daughter, holding up the letter Y: Look Daddy, A!

Then she smiles. Except that’s a bit of an understatement. The expression on her face is the reason they created the phrase “Shit-eating grin.” It was with just such a smile that the saber-toothed tigers of old surprised our ancestors in the field. If her smile were any wider, the top of her head would fall off.

Me: No honey, that’s a Y.

TD: No, Daddy. Ayyyyy! *Grin*

Me: Uh huh. If try to correct you, you’re going to keep calling it an A. And if I agree with you, then you’ll learn the wrong thing, never get into college, and wind up living at home for the rest of your life.


Me: This round goes to you.

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