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I debated whether or not to post this. It’s no “2 girls 1 cup”, but I still felt nauseous after seeing it. I have nothing against WoW per se. I just consider it the digital crack of the world. And I’m way too cheap to pay off Blizzard every month to keep getting my fix.

And it’s not that I’m too proud to play or some shit like that. I love swords and dragons and elves just as much as the next guy. As long as the next guy isn’t this guy:

First, lock the damn door. Second, it’s an online game. That means there are thousands of sites one click away that will take you to actual naked women. Personally, I don’t even take my pants off for anything that’s not at least a 600 polycount anymore. Third, bravo to the people who posted this. Anything that makes it harder for that guy to breed is alright by me.

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I bet you ten dollars that headline does wonders for my Google traffic.

This is a video by some people I definitely don’t know. Particularly not the girl. I would certainly have never worked with her in the past. As the video shows, she’s clearly too smart for me. Also, before anyone jumps to conclusions, I am NOT the guy in this video. I don’t mean to be harsh, but I’m way, way too short to ever be confused with him.

If you don’t think this video’s funny, it might be because you haven’t heard about this.

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Yes We Can. Ben Levy 6, February

Have you seen this? Will.I.Am, of BlackEyed Peas fame, created a music video inspired by a speech Barack Obama delivered in New Hampshire. There are so many things that are fantastic about this. From the art direction, to the ridiculous number of cameos, to the fact that the lyrics are- literally- the speech of a politician. Just watch it. This made me feel something.