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Hi, you’ve reached BrokenJPG Ben Levy 7, December

Ben’s not here right now. He and The Wife are on a well-earned vacation.

Well, The Wife earned it. She saves the lives of infants. He spends all day trying to write ads that convince overweight middle-aged women that their whites aren’t white enough and could be a full 3% whiter if they bought this fancy new detergent that smells like six more kinds of wildflowers than that other one. Or something.

Point is, there’s no big post today. In fact, this was written a week ago, and posted itself automatically. At least I hope it did. If it didn’t, you’ll just think I’m lazy, not incompetent, so it’ll all work out in the end.

Friday Features should be going up as normal.

If you simply must read something on the site, might I recommend a short story? I wrote it myself.

If that’s not enough for you, why not stroll through the archives? This link claims to have the best stuff, but it might be lying. You’ll have to read it to be sure.

Also, it’s the holidays. You should buy this shirt. For a little extra “jingle” in your “balls”.

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