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I’m not posting this to get political. I’m posting this because it’s a beautiful example of how to win a “debate” without stooping to your opponent’s level. Politicians and news anchors seem to think they have to act like bloggers- they scream and curse and wind up looking like children wearing a suit. They’re incapable of demonstrating their feelings on an issue without devolving to the level of a two year old.

But once upon a time there was an art to this sort of thing. A kind of polite verbal fencing, in which each side attempted to outdo the other with wit and metaphorical venom. It was the old white politician guy equivalent of a rap battle. The loser was the one who lost their temper or couldn’t think of a witty response. Barney Frank is clearly of the “old school”. He’s also Jewish.

The lady never had a chance.

Game: Barney Frank.

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