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Wanted Ben Levy 12, December

CW seeking AD for committed relationship. Looking for a partner to grow with, and complete one another’s stupid side-projects. All art styles welcome, just as long as you finish projects you start on. Only illustrative and graphical tasks required, I will take care of all other aspects including but not limited to- concepting, words, layouts, publishing, money-making, press-releases, URL-purchasing, shit I’ll even wash your car just please for the love of heaven don’t swear up and down twenty times you’ll do it and then wander off when you see something shiny. I’ve been hurt before. If you answer this ad and fail to uphold your end of the agreement the CW has all every right to stab you to death with a blunt teaspoon.

I wrote this as a joke, but you know what? I’ve got three mobile games, three comic books, two books and at least 6 t-shirt ideas that require visual embellishment beyond my ability. Interested parties apply at

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