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Bwuh? Ben Levy 24, August

Sorry guys, technical difficulties. I seem unable to access the site from my house, but it’s not an issue anywhere else. I keep getting messages about the server being busy, which it clearly isn’t. I think it’s just anti-Semitic.

In other news, for the three of you who haven’t yet heard, I’m trying to get votes for my panel at SXSW.

SXSW is a big interactive/film/music conference in Austin, and it would be pretty cool if I had the chance to speak at it. (For those of you who can’t tell, that last sentence translates into ‘I will literally soil myself on the spot with glee/terror if I get to speak at SXSW’). If you get a chance, please sign in and vote. Helpful link here:

Thanks guys. Real post tonight or tomorrow morning at the latest.